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Follow competitor blogs, email newsletters, and specific keywords in one feed. Quickly write battle cards, SWOT analyses, and more.

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4 Things You Can Do with Bash
to Stay Ahead on the Competition.

Develop Effective Battle Cards

Use Bash to gather data about your competitors from various sources. Automatically organize and summarize this information. Create and update battle cards that your sales teams can use to highlight strengths and weaknesses during pitches.

Track Competitor News

Set up Bash to receive newsletters, reports, and updates about competitors. Collect articles and documents related to them. Centralize this information for easy access. Bash can then convert this data into actionable insights and updates for your team.

Provide Strategic Insights

  1. Use Bash’s AI tools to create SWOT analyses from collected data. The built-in editor and templates transform raw information into strategic documents. This enables your team to make informed decisions and identify growth opportunities.

Research and Share Insights

Conduct in-depth research on any company or subject using Bash. Organize findings into topics and share them with your team. Use the platform’s built-in templates to turn insights into well-structured reports, presentations, or other documents that are easy to act upon.