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differentiators, let Bash generate something for you.

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Positioning Examples

Want to see positioning examples written for different products? Check out positioning statements for Bash, Slack, and Apple Vision Pro.

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Positioning Generator

The Positioning Generator extracts key information from a website to come up with custom positioning.

  • Solve your blank page problem: Share a URL with the free positioning generator and it starts writing a Competitive Intel  for you based on your information.
  • Add and Edit: Use Bash to edit your positioning statement, keep it up to date or use it to add additional information to it.
  • Share your insights: Easily share the positioning work with your team and allow them to ask questions, copy, and repurpose your work.

How to use the positioning generator

Using the AI positioning generator is easy:

  1. Share your URL: Pick a webpage or product information link and share it with Bash.
  2. Personalize the output: Bash enables you to personalize the output by tone, role, persona, audience and 13+ languages. .
  3. Share or document: information can be shared in topics which are QA’able. That way you can ask the positioning generator more in-depth questions and insights.

It can happen that a third-party website blocks the positioning generator from working with the URL. If this happens we have a Chrome Plugin that is often still able to summarize the page for you.

Why use our positioning generator?

Using Bash's free AI positioning to generator to quickly come up with a filled in positioning template for your product:

Clarifies your target market
It helps you define who your ideal customers are, ensuring you tailor your marketing efforts to those most likely to buy your product or service.

Differentiates your brand
It highlights what sets your brand apart from competitors, giving potential customers a reason to choose you over others.

Guides marketing strategies
A clear positioning statement serves as a roadmap for creating marketing materials that consistently reflect your brand's message and values.

Improves internal alignment
It ensures everyone within your organization understands the brand's direction and goals, leading to more cohesive and effective team efforts.

Facilitates brand consistency
Consistently conveying your positioning statement across all platforms and interactions helps build a strong, recognizable brand that resonates with consumers.

Bash's positioning generator helps speed up your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of positioning statements can Bash create?

Bash can create positioning statements based on any webpage or URL through the tool. Once you login to Bash you can also use documents, conversations, and other information.

Can I customize the output from the positioning generator?

Yes, the AI  positioning statement generator from Bash enables customization by tone, audience, persona, and language to tailor the summary to your needs.

What if Bash can't get a page?

Bash offers an alternative Chrome Plugin that might still be able to fetch the content for you.

Can Bash help with creating new content?

Yes, Bash offers over 80 templates that can help reshape existing content or create new pieces from provided information.

How can I share  positioning statements with team members?

Select "Share" in the top right corner of your topic view.

Is the AI  positioning statement generator really free?

Bash offers a freemium plan with 100 credits for new users which will allow you to create multiple competitive intel documents. For extensive usage, paid plans are available.

How do I start using the  positioning statement generator?

Simply copy the URL you want to work with and paste it into the box, Bash will do the rest for you!

What is Bash?

Bash is an AI-powered tool that also offers a competitive intel tool that helps convert product information into ready-to use competitive intel.

How do credits work on Bash?

You get 100 free credits and can upgrade to a paid plan to get more credits. The credits are used for different activities on Bash. For instance – writing a new draft, summarizing a document, or transcribing a conversation. The amount of credits you use is dependent on the amount of text you summarize or write or if you're transcribing audio, the length of the conversation.

Some examples:
- Summarizing a 1500 word article is about 6 credits.
- Writing a 750 word blog post based on a 1000 word source article is about 9 credits.
- Turning a 30 min meeting into meeting minutes is about 45 credits.
If you have any further questions reach out to our team support@getbash.com