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Meeting Minutes Examples

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Example: Meeting minutes generated by Bash

We’ve given the meeting minutes generator an internal audio source and personalized the output to:

  • Tone: Professional
  • Audience:Employee Audience
  • Role:Project Manager
  • Language: English

View an example output from the free meeting minutes template and generator below.

Sample Meeting Minutes

Meeting Name: SEO Content Optimization

Meeting Date: [Date] Time: [Time]


  • Project Manager (PM)
  • Attendee 1
  • Attendee 2


  1. Review of current SEO performance and rankings
  2. Prioritization of content optimization tasks
  3. Decision on freelancer work and content outsourcing
  4. Discussion on case studies and their SEO optimization
  5. Planning for guest posting and backlink strategies


In this meeting, the team discussed the current SEO performance and rankings of the website. The PM presented a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the sluggish growth in ranking of articles and the need for content optimization. The team identified keywords that were not present enough, issues with organic flow, and structure of the content. It was decided that the team would focus on optimizing existing content rather than creating new content that may not rank well. A decision was made to freeze freelancer work temporarily to assess the impact of in-house content optimization.The SEO agency will work on optimizing meta descriptions and titles to improve click-through rate. The team also discussed the possibility of guest posting and outbound SEO efforts. The PM mentioned the importance of case studies and their potential for SEO optimization.

Decisions and Action Items:

  1. PM to update October sprint tasks to align with the focus on content optimization.
  2. Attendee 1 and the PM to collaborate on optimizing the June content ideation articles.
  3. PM and Attendee 2 to discuss workflow for releasing two SEO blogs per week.
  4. PM to discuss with external agency the SEO optimization of case studies.
  5. PM to share backlink work done and discuss the allocation of backlink tasks with Attendee 2.
  6. PM to explore options for tracking article clicks through Google Search Console.
  7. Freelancers to be informed of a temporary break in projects, without burning bridges.

Note: These minutes are attached to the meeting agenda for reference and comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bash offer a free meeting minutes template?

Yes, Bash does offer a free meeting minutes template! Capture the discussions, decisions, and action items from a meeting, and reshape them into actionable and insightful minutes. You can access the meeting minutes template directly from Bash.

What are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes are the written documentation which informs attendees and non-attendees about what was discussed during a meeting. Minutes typically include:

- Key points of the discussion
- The decisions made
- The actions that need to be taken
- Who is responsible for what action
- The deadlines for these actions.

Meeting minutes serve as a record of the meeting and can be referred to in the future for clarification and follow-up purposes.

How do I take minutes with the meeting minutes template?

In order to write AI meeting minutes with Bash follow these steps:

1. Record the meeting with Bash or upload the transcript/audio to Bash.
2. Go to drafts, select your sources and select the "meeting minutes template".
3. Personalize your draft, reshape, and make changes where needed.
4. Copy the finalized draft and share through email, chat or other designated channel.

How detailed are AI meeting minutes?

Bash can generate detailed summaries of discussions, capture key points, decisions made, action items, and the individuals responsible for those actions. Our AI meeting minutes also highlight important dates, deadlines, or other pertinent information.

However, the accuracy and completeness of AI-generated minutes can depend on several factors, including the clarity of speech in the meeting, the quality of the transcript, and the complexity of the topics discussed.

Can I make changes to the template for meeting minutes?

You can fine tune the output of the template by selecting the tone, audience and persona for the output. There is also an input bar where you can provide Bash with more context, words to avoid, relevant background to know, writing style specification and more.

Why should I use Bash for creating my meeting minutes?

Bash works on the information you provide. Instead of manually writing your minutes, you can pay full attention during the meeting and have ready-to-go meeting minutes within seconds after the meeting. It's as simple as uploading your files, selecting the template and making the necessary edits to the AI meeting minutes.
If you have any further questions reach out to our team