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Your webpage's message, in slogan form. The free AI slogan generator
turns any webpage into a powerful slogan.

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Look what slogans look like with real life examples. Turn any link from a homepage to e-commerce listing or product page into a catchy marketing slogan

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Slogan Generator

Capture the essence of your brand in a striking and memorable way. Our free slogan generator analyzes your webpage content and turns it into powerful, succinct slogans that reflect the core of your message.

Ideal for marketing teams, brand strategists, and content creators, the slogan generator AI simplifies the creative process by delivering targeted, clever slogans that resonate with your audience. Finding the perfect tagline no longer requires extensive brainstorming or resource allocation. Instantly generate slogans targeting different audiences, giving your campaigns a fresh, impactful voice.

Whether you're introducing a new product, revamping your brand, or crafting messages for an upcoming campaign, our business slogan generator ensures that each slogan is not only catchy but also deeply aligned with your branding objectives.

How to use the slogan generator AI

Extracting catchy slogans from a webpage is made easy with the company slogan generator, here’s how you can start the AI writing process: 

  1. Share your URL: Pick a webpage, article or social profile link and share it with Bash
  2. Personalize the output: Select the tone, role, persona, audience and toggle between 13+ different languages. You can also add prompt specifications in a dedicated field. 
  3. Share or document: information can be shared in topics which are QA’able. That way you can ask the catchy slogan generator more in-depth questions on insights.

It can happen that a third-party website blocks the business slogans generator from working with the URL. If this happens we have an alternative Chrome Plugin that is often still able to summarize the page for you. 

What makes this slogan generator stand out from the rest

Our AI slogan generator analyzes URLs instead of asking you to paste text resulting in some unique benefits. 

Here's what makes our slogans generator stand out from other alternatives:

  1. Consistent to your brand: Our slogans are generated based on the content of your page, ensuring that the output aligns with the content and tone of the website.
  2. Time efficiency: Saves time by eliminating the need to manually summarize or select content for slogan generation.
  3. Dynamic content reflection: Reflects the most current information on the webpage, ideal for websites that frequently update their content.
  4. Error reduction: Minimizes the risk of human error in transferring or interpreting brief text requests.
  5. Scalability: Facilitates the generation of multiple slogans for different pages or products quickly and efficiently.
  6. Real-time updates: Generate new slogans in response to content updates on the webpage, keeping marketing efforts up-to-date.

A URL-based campaign slogan generator brings context-awareness to the headline creation process. Maximize your content's impact and reach by getting the best e-commerce or service slogans in less time. 

Bash offers the best summary generator. Focus on what's truly important—making informed decisions, understanding new information and completing work that truly moves the needle.


AI generated slogan example: Bash homepage

We used a link to our very own homepage in order to create some product slogans and personalized the output to:

  • Tone: Conversational
  • Audience:Customer audience
  • Role:Advertiser
  • Language: English

View an example output from the free slogans generator below.

Sample AI-generated Slogans

10 Slogans to Empower Your Workflow with Bash

  • Turn Talk into Action
    Brief: Highlighting Bash's capacity to transform discussions and meetings into actionable tasks.
  • Actionable Insights, Instantly
    Brief: Emphasizes the fast transformation of information into insights and actions.
  • Insight in a Click
    Brief: Showcases the ease and speed of gaining insights with Bash.
  • Win Hours, Not Minutes
    Brief: Communicates the significant time-saving benefits of using Bash.
  • Your Workflow, Supercharged
    Brief: Illustrates how Bash enhances and accelerates your existing workflow.
  • From Noise to Clarity
    Brief: Highlights the ability of Bash to simplify and clarify overwhelming information.
  • Gather, Organize, Conquer
    Brief: Focuses on Bash's capabilities to collect, arrange, and leverage information effectively.
  • Insights Shared, Goals Achieved
    Brief: Emphasizes collaboration and the achievement of objectives through shared insights.
  • Every Word, A Purpose
    Brief: Stresses the efficiency and intentionality behind the information processed by Bash.
  • Streamline Your Genius
    Brief: Encourages users to refine and focus their creative and intellectual output with Bash.

These slogans aim to resonate with the target audience's desire for efficiency, clarity, and effectiveness in their workflow. Each slogan is designed to be memorable, brand-appropriate, and directly connected to the benefits and features provided by Bash, making every action and insight count towards achieving their goals.

Slogan Generator

Your webpage's message, in slogan form. The AI slogan generator
turns any webpage into a powerful slogan.

Try these URLs
Wikipedia – Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances
The Economist – Many mental-health conditions have bodily triggers
The Verge – Rabbit R1 review: nothing to see here
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slogan generator?

A slogan generator is a tool that creates catchy and memorable taglines for your business or campaign based on the content you provide, like your webpage URL.

How does the slogan generator work?

You share the URL of your webpage, and the AI analyzes your content to produce targeted, clever slogans that match your brand's tone and audience.

Is the slogan generator free?

You get 100 credits when signing up for free which should allow you to create multiple set of slogans depending on the size of the source and the amount of AI assistance you need.

What if the webpage URL is blocked or cannot be accessed by the generator?

If a webpage is blocked, we recommend using our Chrome Plugin as an alternative method to generate slogans.

How can the slogans be personalized?

You can personalize the output by selecting the tone, role, persona, and audience for the slogan to ensure it aligns with your brand identity.

What makes this slogan generator different?

Our slogan generator uses the content of your page to ensure consistency with your brand and saves time by eliminating manual content selection for slogan generation.

Can I use the generated slogan for commercial purposes?

Yes, the generated slogans can be used for your marketing campaigns, social media, and other commercial purposes.

Can I edit the slogans generated by the AI?

Use the generated slogans can be used as a starting point. You are free to tweak or modify them in the in-app editor as needed to better fit your brand.

What is Bash?

Bash is an AI-powered tool that also offers a summary generator that helps convert articles, social profiles, forum discussions, and web pages into clear, concise summaries.

How do credits work on Bash?

You get 100 free credits and can upgrade to a paid plan to get more credits. The credits are used for different activities on Bash. For instance – writing a new draft, summarizing a document, or transcribing a conversation. The amount of credits you use is dependent on the amount of text you summarize or write or if you're transcribing audio, the length of the conversation.

Some examples:
- Summarizing a 1500 word article is about 6 credits.
- Writing a 750 word blog post based on a 1000 word source article is about 9 credits.
- Turning a 30 min meeting into meeting minutes is about 45 credits.
If you have any further questions reach out to our team