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Wikipedia – Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances
The Economist – Many mental-health conditions have bodily triggers
The Verge – Rabbit R1 review: nothing to see here
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Bash enables marketing and product teams alike to write documents, reports and strategies 10x faster with the power of AI.

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Think of news alerts, Github updates, company or competitor blog releases and soon internal documents, emails and automated updates with Zapier.

Teams access updates they want to work with faster and write a first draft in seconds with manual prompts or 80+ expert-made templates.

This makes Bash your ultimate research, brainstorm and content writing buddy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bash produce AI generated scripts?

Yes, Bash can turn any content you already have into AI generated scripts! Work with your own blog, favorite news sites, Google alerts, Reddit posts and more.

Reshape the most captivating stories into engaging scripts with higher potential to go viral. You can access both the video and podcast scripts without leaving Bash.

Can I use Bash as a Youtube video script generator?

Definitely! Many faceless Youtube accounts are using Bash as their Youtube video script generator. Produce explainer videos or turn viral news into video or podcast content in just seconds by applying an AI writing script template over the source content.

Is Bash a free script generator?

Users under the free plan are able to work with 50 credits. This will allow you to get started with writing a few script. If you like the content generated by our script writer AI you can upgrade for on 9.99$ a month and work with 1000 credits!

How detailed is the script writer AI?

Bash can generate detailed scripts that capture the essence of the original content. Our AI writing script also gives suggestions for video visuals to save you time on the overall planning process.

However, the accuracy and completeness of AI-generated minutes can depend on several factors, including the depth of the source material, original writing quality, and the complexity of the topics discussed.

How do I make sure AI generated scripts fit my audience?

Fine tune the output of the template by selecting the tone, audience and persona. There is also an input bar where you can provide Bash with more context about the purpose of the script, words to avoid, relevant background to know, writing style specification and more.

Why should I use Bash for AI generated scripts?

Bash enables you to work with the latest content before anyone else through the work feed. You'll have an AI generated script in seconds instead of spending hours searching across news sites, manually moving content, and writing from scratch.
If you have any further questions reach out to our team