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The summary generator quickly extracts key insights from any online source for you. Work with articles, reports, forum discussions, social profiles and webpages saving you hours in reading, analyzing and drafting reports.

  • Simplify your research: Share a URL with the free summary generator and it does the heavy lifting for you, pulling out the main ideas in clear, concise insights.
  • Stay informed on the latest: Keep up-to-date with industry news without getting bogged down by clutter and irrelevant information.
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Bash offers the best summary generator. Focus on what's truly important—making informed decisions, understanding new information and completing work that truly moves the needle.

How to use the summary generator

Using the AI summary generator is easy:

  1. Share your URL: Pick a webpage, article, social profile or forum discussion link and share it with Bash
  2. Personalize the output: Bash enables you to personalize the output by tone, role, persona, audience and 13+ languages. You can also add prompt specifications in a dedicated input bar.
  3. Share or document: information can be shared in topics which are QA’able. That way you can ask the AI summary generator more in-depth questions on insights.

It can happen that a third-party website blocks the summary generator for articles and webpages from working with the URL. If this happens we have an alternative Chrome Plugin that is often still able to summarize the page for you.

Why use our webpage summary generator

Using Bash's AI Summary Generator (free) is a smart move for several reasons, especially for professionals and teams who need to stay informed and agile:

  1. Time savings: Reduce the time you would otherwise spend reading and digesting lengthy articles and reports. This means more time for decision-making, strategy and actually getting your hands dirty with tasks.
  2. Clarity: The article summary generator extracts the essence of complex materials, providing you with clear and concise summaries. Bash makes turning complex topics into simple and actionable insights a breeze.
  3. Consistency: Ensure everyone is on the same page. Summaries provide a uniform understanding of content, which boosts team alignment on projects and strategies.
  4. Competitive edge: Staying on top of the latest trends and developments in your field can give you an edge over the competition. Quick insights from the website summary generator means you can cover more ground and identify opportunities and threats faster.
  5. Integration: Integrate AI-generated summaries into workflows, reports, and communications tools, keeping all stakeholders informed without the need for long-form reading.

Bash's web page summary generator is about maximizing the value of your time and ensuring that you're always equipped with the information you need to drive your business forward.


Example: AI summary generated by Bash

We’ve given the AI summary generator a source from the economist called: “How businesses are actually using generative AI” and personalized the output to:

  • Tone: conversational
  • Audience: General audience
  • Role: Journalist
  • Language: English

View an example output from the free summary generator below.

Sample Summary

AI Revolution in Business

Generative AI is rapidly shaping the future of business, driving tech giants and small enterprises alike towards innovation and efficiency.

Despite the buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly generative models like OpenAI's GPT-4, its practical application within the corporate realm is both experimental and cautious.

The integration of AI into business operations hints at a transformation in the workplace, signaling shifts as profound as those ushered in by the typewriter and personal computer.

Corporate Adoption and Investment

The technology sector has seen a significant uplift, with companies like Nvidia approaching a $2 trillion market value, thanks in part to the AI mania. Yet, the sales of AI products remain modest. Microsoft's Azure and related services have only seen about a fifth of their revenue growth from AI in the past year.

Such preliminary engagement with AI technologies underscores a broader trend: the adoption of generative AI within business operations is nascent but growing. A survey conducted by America's Census Bureau in February revealed that only about 5% of U.S. firms utilize AI, indicating the room for growth and integration.

Practical Uses and Experiments

  • Corporate giants, including JPMorgan Chase and Bayer, are actively exploring AI with hundreds of use cases, ranging from customer service enhancements to operational efficiencies.
  • AI-powered tools for lower-skilled tasks show immediate utility, with companies reporting significant improvements in customer service handling time and productivity gains.
  • Highly skilled professions, such as law and finance, are beginning to leverage AI for complex tasks, enhancing productivity without necessarily replacing human labor.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite its potential, the transition towards AI-driven processes is not without challenges. Concerns around data privacy, intellectual property risks, and the need for expertise in AI are notable hurdles.

Yet, the benefits of adopting generative AI are already manifesting in several sectors. Companies report productivity increases of up to 15% in some cases, with AI assisting in tasks ranging from software development to enhancing customer engagement.

Looking Ahead

The trajectory of generative AI in business reflects a broader historical pattern where technological advancements initially disrupt but eventually foster new forms of work and productivity.

The current experimentation with AI tools across industries hints at future workplaces where AI augments human capabilities rather than replacing them outright. As businesses continue to explore and integrate AI into their operations, the landscape of white-collar work is poised for subtle yet significant transformations.

While the integration of generative AI into business practices is still in its early stages, the momentum it has gained points to a future where AI is an indispensable part of corporate strategy and operations.

The evolution from novelty to necessity will depend on overcoming existing barriers and leveraging AI's potential to redefine productivity and innovation in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of content can Bash summarize?

Bash can handle articles, social profiles, documents, forums, and even audio files for summaries and insights.

Can I customize the output from the summary generator?

Yes, the AI summary generator from Bash enables customization by tone, audience, persona, and language to tailor the summary to your needs.

What if Bash can't summarize a page?

Bash offers an alternative Chrome Plugin that might still be able to summarize the content for you.

Can Bash help with creating new content?

Yes, Bash offers over 60 templates that can help reshape existing content or create new pieces from provided information.

How can I share summaries with team members?

Move your information into a topic and select "share" in the top right corner of your view.

Is the AI summary generator really free?

Bash offers a freemium plan with 100 credits for new users which will allow you to summarize a few different sources. For extensive usage, paid plans are available.

How do I start using the webpage summary generator?

Simply copy the URL you want to work with and paste it into the box, Bash will do the rest for you!

What is Bash?

Bash is an AI-powered tool that also offers a summary generator that helps convert articles, social profiles, forum discussions, and web pages into clear, concise summaries.

How do credits work on Bash?

You get 100 free credits and can upgrade to a paid plan to get more credits. The credits are used for different activities on Bash. For instance – writing a new draft, summarizing a document, or transcribing a conversation. The amount of credits you use is dependent on the amount of text you summarize or write or if you're transcribing audio, the length of the conversation.

Some examples:
- Summarizing a 1500 word article is about 6 credits.
- Writing a 750 word blog post based on a 1000 word source article is about 9 credits.
- Turning a 30 min meeting into meeting minutes is about 45 credits.
If you have any further questions reach out to our team