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The Affiliate Program in a Nutshell

Earn up to $125 lifetime rewards per upgrade
  • Affiliates receive lifetime returns of 35% on both the monthly
    and annual paid plans. If 10 people sign up, you can earn up to $1250 every year!
  • 60-Day Cookie DurationUsers have to sign up within 60 days of initially clicking on your link. Future upgrades are directly connected to affiliates if the user signs up within the required time frame.
  • We Make it Easy for You
  • We provide assets, ideas, copy, and offer 1:1 support to make earning as easy as possible. Help spread the word and earn before you know it!

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What is Bash?

  • Bash turns company meetings, documents, and information into actionable insights and shareable topics.
  • Follow industry news or gain competitor intelligence before anyone else by tracking email updates, newsletters, news alerts, blog updates, or information from thousands of other apps in the work feed.
  • Turn articles, audio, and other forms of content into insights, actions and first drafts with 80+ templates covering popular research (SWOT, interview summaries...) , reporting (meeting minutes, emails...) and writing tasks (product descriptions, PRD’s, blog posts...).
  • Research and write with the right context, always. The editor and Q&A use your sources as inspiration when writing something new. Browse back to topics and continue brainstorming or writing with AI-assistance trained on the information relevant to the task.
  • Share content between team members or publically and use the context-aware Q&A chat to dive deeper into sources. Anyone can ask more questions and Bash uses your written copy and sources as context to answer new questions.

Who uses Bash?

  • Product teams use Bash to turn complex product information and discussions into easily digestible reports, descriptions, documents and research.
  • Marketing teams use Bash to adapt content across different channels and audiences, making it easier to maintain a unified brand voice.
  • HR, sales, and operation teams use Bash for day-to-day administrative and research or writing tasks, from drafting internal communications to creating sales pitches.

We Set Affiliates Up For Success

  • Weekly new assets and ideas: We share copy ideas, scripts, banners and more video and image content on a weekly basis to keep our affiliates in the loop with Bash branding and possible ways to advertise the product.
  • 1:1 account management support for every affiliate: Whether you have questions, need more support or want to personalize the partnership in a different way, you can communicate through mail, chat or video-call with someone from our team.
  • Dashboard and metrics tracking for every affiliate: We don't leave you in the dark on your progress. We have real time tracking on clicks and purchases generated through your channel, making it easier for affiliates
  • Free month to trial the product: Every affiliate gets a free month on the Basic plan to test all product functionality and master using Bash in no time.

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