March 14, 2024

Weekly Bash #17 - Product Improvements, Strategy Writing Examples...

This week we’re covering a bunch of product improvements, structuring your information like a consultant (with examples), and the latest podcast bites.
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Hi there fellow AI product and marketing enthusiasts!

Welcome to a new edition of the weekly Bash, covering how you can save hours every day with some help from AI.

This week we’re covering product improvements, show you how you can structure your information like a consultant (with examples), and the latest podcast bites in product, marketing, and AI.

Product Updates

Collect information, analyze it, and write faster with the latest update from Bash. Writing meeting minutes, doing competitor intelligence, or turning your information into a report alongside hundreds of other use cases is now even more straightforward with the latest improvements.

One Work Feed For All Your Information

Bash allows you to collect all your information and updates from different sources, apps, and websites in one view. Add email newsletters and reports, RSS, subreddits, Google alerts, Zapier integrations, and other sources to your work feed so you can easily stay on top of everything.

Turn Information Into Action

Upload your files, connect Google Drive, or turn an item from your work feed into actionable plans or shareable topics. Apply the built-in templates to come up with a draft within seconds and then use the AI editor to finish it.

Missing a workflow? Request a template

Share With Your Team

Create an AI-powered topic to share meeting minutes, interactive summaries, and more with your team. You can share with anyone on Bash, just with specific people, or publish your topic to open access to anyone. Each topic is AI-enabled so others can ask questions, get more details, and repurpose the content.

View this public topic or ask AI questions to view the feature in action.

Strategy Writing Examples

Companies and teams spend hundreds of hours organizing knowledge and strategy and sometimes outsource the task to expensive consultants. Want to do this in minutes with AI?

Quickly apply a strategy template on your information to derive insights and recommendations. Bash is your personal AI helper and can analyze anything from a product page to external articles and information about your company or yourself.

Here are just a few reports & insights you can write with Bash to answer common questions and challenges:

Product & Market Intelligence

Fine-tuning Your Profile

How are you using Bash? Let us know!

Podcast bites: The Latest Marketing, AI & Product Stories 🎙️

  • How to Capture and Keep Your Audience’s Attention Using Neuroscience: Create more engaging, effective content by incorporating findings from fields like neuroscience. Learn more
  • Deep Dive into How to Think About Your Marketing Metrics: Leveraging advanced tools, understanding data analytics, and the pursuit of growth in marketing strategies. Learn more 
  • Last Week in AI: Claude 3, Elon Musk sues OpenAI, StarCoder 2, AI-Generated Spam. Learn more

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Nuggets for thought 💭

  1. Cognitive Overload: Disorganized information can overwhelm the brain, leading to decreased decision-making efficiency and increased mental fatigue.
  2. Barriers to Knowledge Discovery: Scattered data makes it difficult to identify connections essential for innovation and progress.
  3. Keep your knowledge tidy and accessible: Disorganization slows productivity because of time lost to collect information and can result in using outdated data.

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Written by

Bash Editorial