January 24, 2024

The Weekly Bash #12 - Workflow: Building a Personal Brand, Writing PRDs & More!

This week we’re covering a content workflow that’s a must if you’re investing in your personal brand, diving into PRD’s and sharing the latest podcast stories in marketing, product, and AI.
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Hi there fellow product enthusiasts and marketing mavens!

Welcome to a new edition of the weekly Bash, covering AI in marketing and product.

This week we’re coveing a content workflow that’s a must if you’re investing into your personal brand, diving into PRD’s and sharing the latest podcast stories in marketing, product, and AI.

Let’s get into it!

Workflow highlight: Building a Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is a hot topic for marketers, product teams, and founders in 2024. 

A big part of building a personal brand is keeping up with industry news in your niche and sharing your thoughts on viral stories with your audience. 

For example, 

  • When your niche is AI you’ll strengthen your personal brand by sharing your thoughts on the latest openAI updates, new tools, or trending industry reports. 
  • If your niche is SEO, then you’ll want to share an update with your thoughts on Google algorithm updates whenever they’re released. 

Nico from our growth team created a dedicated workflow for posting commentary on news on his socials using Bash. Here’s a full walkthrough on how you can do the same. 

Step 1: Monitoring relevant the news before it goes viral

Funnel news articles and emails into a single view with the work feed. Curate a list of news sites and newsletters to stay up to date. Information in the work feed view automatically updates when news sites publish or newsletters are sent out. Nico uses the work feed with three different information sources:

  • RSS feeds: I’ve added Techcrunch and Entrepreneur 
  • Email: Sign up to top industry newsletters. Some examples would be Benedict Evans (tech news) or TLDR’s (tech, marketing, product or engineering) to the email feed. 
  • Reddit: Add subs such as the r/Marketing subreddit to get a glimpse on what’s happening in the industry from a user-generated perspective. 

Step 2: Turning promising content into something new

AI-generated content will most likely not be publish-ready (and it shouldn’t). You should give content your twist and align it with your brand, and it’s unlikely AI will do all of that for you. 

It will still get you 80% of the way through. 

The hardest part of getting something live is getting started, and AI has been very useful to do so. 

Templates like video scripts, newsletters, and social media posts can be a great starting point for your post.

Preview of content templates in Bash

Step 3: Personalizing output in line with your brand

Bash will generate a first draft of your post and it will appear in the in-app editor. First up, if you don’t like the overall direction of the post, you can regenerate it and change the configurations if needed.

When you have all the building blocks, add your thoughts about the story. 

Try this workflow yourself If you’re building a personal brand and running into writer's block or feel like you’re lagging on industry news. 

Post more frequently and be among the first to cover trending topics to ride the algorithm waves!

Writing a PRD: Make lengthy content more bite-sized

I recently stumbled across an interesting Twitter/X discussion covering PRDs. 

A Product Requirements Document (PRD) is a comprehensive outline that defines the objectives, features, functionality, and behavior of a product that is to be developed.

Read the original Tweet: How to write a PRD (2 minute read)

TLDR: To tackle the issue of stakeholders not engaging with lengthy PRDs, consider implementing a dual-document strategy. Prepare the standard, in-depth PRD for your product team while also distilling the essentials into a one-page executive summary for stakeholders. 

Bash includes both PRD and Executive Summary templates. This simplifies the process for product managers to turn lengthy PRD’s into one-pagers. Try it out.

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Nuggets for thought on building a personal brand 💭

  • Consistency vs. authenticity: In a world that values authenticity, how do you maintain a personal brand that is both consistently polished and genuinely reflective of your evolving journey?
  • Finding your sweet spot: Ever worry about digging so deep into your niche that you end up stuck in it? It's all about finding that sweet spot where you're the go-to person but not trapped in a box.
  • What's your secret sauce?: When you're dishing out content, what's the secret ingredient that makes people come back for more? Sure, you've got to be helpful, but how do you make them feel like they just had a chat with a wise friend over coffee?

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Written by

Bash Editorial