January 17, 2024

Weekly Bash #11 | Do away with email overload, try out Bash on Android, and new AI workflows

All Bash users now have their own unique email address which allows you to receive newsletters, email updates, and more right in your Bash feed. Find out how you can use this to unlock some next-level AI workflows!
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Bash Editorial

Hi there fellow product enthusiasts and marketing mavens!

Welcome to a new edition of the weekly Bash, covering AI in marketing and product.

Emails can be information-packed and full of action items and insights, but capturing these insights and turning it into something actionable can be time-consuming. Bash is here to help!

All Bash users now have their own unique email address which allows you to receive newsletters, email updates, and more right in your Bash feed. Want to find out how you can use this to unlock some next-level AI workflows?

We’ve also released a beta version of the mobile app for Android, that way you can take Bash on-the-go.

Let’s get into it!

Product Update: Bash email ✉️

Every Bash account now comes with its own email address. Use your Bash email address to sign up to newsletters, forward email activity from your own inbox, or receive updates from channels like Google Analytics, Github, or Ahrefs in the work feed.

Once you have emails in Bash, you can summarize and organize them in a topic or use one of the built-in templates to turn them into something new.

To get emails in Bash, simply use your Bash address (e.g. when signing up for newsletters or set up automatic forwarding to your email address. Try this out

New! Download Bash (BETA) for Android 🤖

Take Bash on the go with a brand new Android app. Perfect if you need to record conversations and want to turn discussions into summaries, meeting minutes or action plans.

PS: For our Apple users, the iOS app is coming soon too! Download

In-app previews of the Bash BETA app for Android

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Workflow highlight: Extract value from newsletters ⚙️

Your favorite newsletters are packed to the brim with valuable information, but with so many of these it’s difficult to keep up and then more importantly figure out what to do.

Bash makes it easier to organize newsletter insights or use them for your day to day workflows. Some examples:

  • Get summarized insights: Quickly turn the newsletter content into a brief summary; understand information faster or share with others.
  • Create an action plan: Some newsletters give in-depth how-to’s. Bash helps you turn guides in newsletters into custom action plans. Quickly Focus on implementing learnings.
  • Write social media posts: Create LinkedIn or X posts based on the newsletter

Turn any newsletter post into something new in seconds, here’s how you can do the same.

Step 1: Select the newsletter you want to work with

Newsletters are automatically added to the feed once they’re out. This makes it easier to stay up to date with the latest releases and share interesting information before anyone else.

Step 2: Choose from 80+ templates to repurpose the newsletter

Turn newsletters into a LinkedIn post, X/Twitter posts, summaries, action plans and so much more with the template gallery.

Is your use-case not in the gallery? Select “custom” and tell Bash what you want to write.

Step 3: Fine tune with the AI editor and add to a shareable topic

Once generated you can keep adding AI content and fine tune content with the in-app editor.

Turn the draft into a topic when you’re done to share your document with anyone.

Preview of the in-app editor. Press ”/” to create more AI content.

Bonus 🎁 | Ask questions about newsletter content

Topics, drafts and sources have a dedicated chat box in the bottom right corner. Open it up and ask anything about the source(s) you’re working with.

Increase your understanding, extract specific information and turn information into something new faster.

Preview of a conversation between a user and Bash

Podcast bites: The Latest Marketing, AI & Product Stories 🎙️

  • The key to great marketing is simpler than we think: Value over manipulation, the power of good content, and the role of creativity to stand out in a saturated B2B market. Learn more
  • AI news: GPT Store, new Nvidia chips, DeepMind’s robotics progress, bad uses of AI. Learn more
  • Marketing school: 2023 retrospective, lessons learned & why you should copy your competition. Learn more

Nuggets for thought 💭

  • Ride the viral wave: Share viral content from newsletters on your social media, adding your brand's take or related product links.
  • Record your creativity bursts: It’s not uncommon for great ideas or reminders to come at random times in the day. Record your thoughts with the Bash mobile app and turn the audio into summaries and action items with a custom template.
  • Trend spotting: Product teams can use trends and topics popular in third-party newsletters as signals for emerging market demands or shifts, guiding innovation and ensuring the product roadmap remains relevant.
Written by

Bash Editorial