December 21, 2023

The Weekly Bash #8 - Add An FAQ To Every Web Page With AI

Adding FAQ’s to blog articles has never been easier with the help of AI. Here’s how one of our marketers added an FAQ to over 30 pages in less than two hours.
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Greetings, AI Trailblazers,

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Bash, covering everything AI in product and marketing!

AI is not just about robots taking over; it’s about augmenting our capabilities to achieve more. Dive into this week's Bash to get you up to speed in 7 minutes or less. Let’s get started!

Workflow highlight: Add an FAQ to every blog with AI

Do you have an FAQ at the end of every blog article? There are actually many benefits to doing so, just to name a few:

  1. Boosts SEO: Helps to rank for additional keywords and can improve search visibility through rich snippets.
  2. Assists in Navigation: Guides readers to relevant sections of the article or website.
  3. Enhances Content Value: Adds depth to the article, providing more comprehensive information on the topic.

Adding FAQ’s to blog articles has never been easier with the help of AI. Here’s how one of our marketers added an FAQ to over 30 pages in less than two hours:

Step 1: Add the feed of your blog to Bash

Adding an RSS feed makes it easy to access all the links of your blog. alternatively, upload links manually to a source if you don’t have an RSS enabled.

Go to feeds, select “add new” and paste the RSS of your blog

Step 2: Add your source to Bash select the FAQ customer support template

Generate new FAQ customer support questions based on the content of the webpage. Use the AI editor to make changes and fine tune the questions for your website.

How To Write A Product FAQ With AI | Bash

Step 3: Fine tune the copy and export to your CMS

Once you’re happy with the generated FAQ, upload it to your CMS. Bring the process of writing down from hours to minutes with the help of AI!

Did you know?

FAQ Rich Snippet
Google's enhanced search snippets include questions covered in a featured page. This is a way, besides ranking on SERPS, to get extra traffic to your pages. You can manually add structured data to pages to increase the chances of being featured in an FAQ rich snippet.

Quote of the week

"AI accelerates the crafting of FAQs, turning a marathon of research and writing into a sprint towards clarity and helpfulness."

Turn a tedious process into quickly summarizing the most important details on a page with AI. FAQs give bitesized insights answering open questions users might have at the end of your web page.

Marketing strategy corner: SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, is crucial for product managers and marketers, here’s why:

  1. Market Understanding: SWOT helps marketers identify and prioritize opportunities in the market, whether it's a new audience, emerging trend, or untapped channel.
  2. Risk Management: Assessing potential threats enables marketers to develop contingency plans to address risks, such as shifts in consumer behavior or new competitors.
  3. Goal Setting: Marketers can set more realistic and achievable goals when they have a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape.

Ready to write your very own SWOT analysis for a product or campaign? Use our dedicated template!

What does AI in marketing look like in 2024?

The CapGemini Research Institute surveyed 1,800 executives overseeing marketing strategies across diverse organizations worldwide with an annual revenue of over USD 1 billion.

Here are some key statistics shared in the report:

  • For organizations investing in AI, 62% of marketing tech investments are dedicated towards Gen-AI.
  • Organizations believe that GenAI can offer an accurate analysis of customer and market trends (65%)
  • Executives expect an increase efficiency in generating content and results (65%).

We compiled all relevant information and data in this dedicated topic.

Check it out, ask Bash questions and turn information stored in the topic into emails, social posts, summaries and more with 80+ templates.

AI Nuggets for Thought

  1. How does AI's ability to interpret consumer emotions enhance marketing efforts?
  2. In what ways can AI-driven targeted marketing be used to positively guide consumer choices without overstepping ethical boundaries?
  3. How can AI in marketing serve to expand consumer exposure to new products while respecting individual preferences?

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