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September 26, 2023

Do Exceptional Work With Bash

Introducing Bash, an AI-powered helper for your information. Analyze, create, and share faster.
Written by
Kenzo Fong

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we work, just like the personal computer, the internet, and the mobile phone have done in the past. AI has the potential to revolutionize mundane knowledge-based tasks, streamline processes, and boost productivity.

In fact, consultants from the Boston Consulting Group who started using AI witnessed a significant increase in task completion rates, performing 25.1% faster and generating results of 40% higher quality. Those who were initially lower performing experienced a remarkable 43% boost in their performance with the adoption of AI.

Knowledge workers need AI to stay ahead of the curve

If you consider yourself an average performer, embracing AI can help make you exceptional. If you're already exceptional, AI becomes necessary to stay ahead.

"AI Won’t Replace Humans — But Humans With AI Will Replace Humans Without AI." Karim Lakhani

Surprisingly, the adoption rate of AI is still relatively low, with only 18% of American adults and 2% of internet users having tried ChatGPT for work purposes.

Most knowledge-based jobs involve extensive reading, information collection, writing, and data processing. AI is the perfect tool to support these tasks.

Mastering AI is becoming an essential skill for work, on par with typing and internet usage. Not leveraging AI may soon set you back as much as not possessing these basic skills.

Why we're building Bash

Enter Bash, an AI-powered helper designed to save you time and enhance your work.

Our mission: Enable anyone to do exceptional work faster

Unlike other AI models such as ChatGPT or Bard, Bash's responses are based solely on your own articles, documents, and notes. This ensures greater accuracy and minimizes the generation of incorrect information and hallucinations.

So, what exactly can Bash do for you?

  1. Understand things quickly – Summarize, ask questions, and brainstorm based on the content you provide, whether it's files, articles, or other sources.
  2. Write better, faster – Bash offers over 50 built-in templates for various purposes such as meeting minutes, lesson plans, blog posts, and more.
  3. Organize and share your knowledge – Collect and group sources into specific topics and easily share them with others.
  4. Works in all major languages - Bash supports 14 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and many more so you can get answers, create topics, and write drafts in your language.

Similar to how Grammarly revolutionized grammar and spelling checks, Bash simplifies tedious knowledge-related tasks for a wide range of professionals.

Whether you're a marketing manager, teacher, student, sales or business development, recruiter, journalist, researcher, startup founder, or just want to quickly learn about the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2023, how to get your first 1000 users, or how the US military helped invent Cheetos – Bash is here to help.

What’s on the roadmap

Bash is the brainchild of a team with extensive experience in building accessible and powerful productivity tools. They have previously developed Rock, a collaboration platform that facilitates cross-organizational and distributed work.

Bash's founding team has worked on renowned projects such as Google Maps, Android, and Uber. Now, we are applying our expertise to create an AI-powered helper that seamlessly integrates into your daily work life, gradually taking over mundane and tedious tasks.

Don’t miss the boat on AI: become more productive, and let Bash help you do exceptional work.

While we're continuously working on improving Bash, we're also eager to receive feedback from users. So, don't miss the chance to give it a try and share your thoughts with us on Twitter / X.

If you're curious about what Bash can do, check out our "Getting Started" topic. Simply sign in and ask Bash how it can assist you, for example:

  1. I'm a project manager. What can I use Bash for?
  2. How do I share a topic with someone else?
  3. How do I create a new document?
  4. What are the pricing plans?
  5. What does Bash do to ensure privacy & security?

Bash is available on the web, through the browser, and will be coming to mobile soon.

Getting started topic on Bash
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Written by

Kenzo Fong