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Discover new backlink opportunities, understand new content 10x faster,
and create guest post ideas and email outreach using AI templates.

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Press / at any time to create new content

Focus your outreach on
relevant domains & content

Track new article releases across the web, monitor domains you want to collaborate
with and funnel backlink opportunities from your email into Bash.

Be one of the first
people to reach out

Find content that aligns with your keywords
the moment they are published and scraped
by Google.

Reach out to authors before anyone else has
even seen the content.

Keep an eye on content from target domains

Add the blogs from domains you want to
collaborate with and reach out as soon as a
relevant content is released.

Authors are typically making changes to
content when recently released, increasing
your chances of success.

Funnel email updates to a central view

Every Bash account comes with an email address.

Funnel backlink opportunities, newsletters, and pages like HARO into a dedicated view.

Understand new
content 10x faster

Summarize interesting entries in the work feed and ask Bash questions to get a more in-depth
understanding of the intent, brand and content strategy

Summarize new
articles and sources
in the work feed

Summarize information to quickly figure out
whether the new article aligns with your
content strategy and value proposition.

Dive into the
specifics by asking

Ask Bash questions about the quality,
strategy, and intent of content.

Brainstorm and draft your
outreach content with the help of AI

Ask Bash to write guest post ideas, draft new content for already existing articles,
and write your outreach email or message with the AI helper

Offer guest post ideas
that complement
existing content

Brainstorm with Bash and use the source
content to ideate relevant guest post ideas
that further explore existing content pillars.

Draft new sections

Add new blog sections that complement
already existing content.

Ask Bash to create a draft exploring new
topics or themes to help authors improve
their live articles.

Write outreach
emails and messages

Ask Bash for a first draft of an outreach email
or message. Make sure to personalize it in
order to maximize response rates.
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AI for marketers: Your content reimagined

AI for marketers: Content without limits

Bash allows you to 10x your day-to-day content work.
Bash works with information from your documents, web pages, and audio conversations to provide more accurate responses.

Analyze, write, and share content more efficiently. The built-in AI editor enables teams to create new drafts for ad copies, blog posts, and reports within seconds.

Our AI for marketers supports all major languages and offers over 50 best-in-class templates for quick content creation.

This makes Bash a versatile and time-saving AI marketing tool. Bash works in all major languages so you can launch your efforts globally.

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Get 20x more work done for only $9.99 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI improve my backlink outreach process?

Yes, AI can help you summarize articles for understanding and strategy, as well as expedite personalized email drafting.

Should I send AI-generated outreach emails directly?

No, always customize the AI-generated draft to make it personal and relevant to the recipient. Otherwise, it may be seen as spam.

Personalize your message, offer mutual benefits, and highlight your quality content creation to entice the recipient.

Propose collaboration benefits, such as service access, audience discounts, or giveaways, enhancing the partnership's appeal.

Why is it important to connect with authors or relevant employees?

Building relationships can lead to more successful outreach efforts and potentially secure backlinks.

Engage with authors on LinkedIn, offer value through your content, and discuss potential partnerships meaningfully.

How do I set up Google Alerts for my outreach?

Go to the Google Alerts site, input your cornerstone keywords, adjust the settings for sources and delivery, then create an RSS feed.

Use high-traffic keywords related to your niche to ensure a robust funnel of potential backlink sources.

I'm not receiving a response, what should I improve?

To reduce the perception of spam, tailor each message to reflect the recipient's content and unique angle. Reference specific parts of their content to show genuine interest.

If your content isn't aligning well with prospects, take time to research their website further, and identify articles where your content will truly add value. Offer insightful and complementary additions.

Try different approaches, like commenting on their articles or engaging with their social media posts before proposing a backlink. Gradually build rapport before presenting your offer.

I'm not receiving Google alerts often enough, why?

Make sure keywords in your Google alerts are regularly searched for topics. Higher search volume and shorter keywords will be picked up more often by the system. If this is not the case, it's worthwhile to refine your Google Alerts by reassessing your cornerstone keywords.
If you have any further questions reach out to our team