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80+ templates and thousands of use-cases to supercharge your productivty

Access information, understand it, and turn it into something new in record time.
A growth marketing plan focuses specifically on strategies and tactics aimed at achieving growth.
AI can identify trends, characteristics that make you stand out, and provide a first draft for a next-level GTM plan.
AI can identify trends, characteristics that make you stand out, and provide a first draft for a next-level VRIO analysis.
AI can identify trends, forecast potential market shifts, and provide a first draft for a next-level Ansoff analysis.
AI Templates for growth, communications, sales and more. Browse the template gallery.
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AI for marketers: Your content reimagined

AI marketing examples

View different marketing use cases in action using different sources, and templates

Building a Personal Brand With AI

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Backlink Outreach Strategy

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Marketing Meeting Minutes Example

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Building a Personal Brand With AI

View Example

Backlink Outreach Strategy

View Example

Marketing Meeting Minutes Example

View Example

Analyze, create, and share

Bash makes content marketing a breeze. Upload your sources and create new content within seconds.

Menu options for a source in Bash.

Supercharge audio content

Bash records and transcribes your content. Turn your audio into blog posts, video scripts, social media posts and more.

An audio recording in progress

Your content has no limits

Your work will become exceptional when using AI for marketers. Clarify and improve your writing with the AI-powered editor.

Become a polyglot with AI tools for marketing

Bash works in 14 languages so you can draft new content, ask questions, and add sources in your local language.

Language selector showing some of the supported languages in Bash

No hallucinations

AI tools for marketing aren't trained on your information. Bash works on your documents so responses are more accurate.

Share anything

Upload documents from your device, record audio, copy paste text or add webpage URLs. Organize everything in a topic.

Edit your drafts

Publish-ready content without leaving Bash. Edit and and generate new content with over 50 built-in templates.

AI for marketers: Content without limits

Bash allows you to 10x your day-to-day content work. Start for free.
Bash works with information from your documents, webpages, and audio conversations to provide more accurate responses.

Analyze, write, and share content more efficiently. The built-in AI editor enables teams to create new drafts for ad copies, blog posts, and reports within seconds.

Our AI for marketers supports all major languages and offers over 50 best-in-class templates for quick content creation.

This makes Bash a versatile and time-saving AI marketing tool. Bash works in all major languages so you can launch your efforts globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI be used in marketing?

AI marketing tools can analyze documents, webpages, and even audio conversations. This enables marketers to generate new documents, briefs, and reports more efficiently and in less time.

Ready-to-use templates and an AI-powered editors also help with creating engaging content, such as ad copy or blog posts.

What kind of marketers benefit from AI tools?

All types of marketers, from content creators to digital strategists, benefit from AI marketing tools. For example, content marketers use AI-powered editors to draft and refine and repurpose content more efficiently.

Alternatively, global marketeers can use AI to create content and conduct research in various languages, broadening their audience reach.

Can other functions in my team benefit from an AI marketing tool?

Absolutely, several functions within a team can leverage AI marketing tools like Bash. For instance, recruiters can speed up hiring processes by analyzing and drafting faster.

Sales teams can also benefit from tools like Bash. Bash can become a superpower for activities like personalizing email or cold outreach, drafting contracts, and more.

How can Bash help me create better video content?

Bash can help scriptwriters draft and refine scripts more efficiently, ensuring clear, concise language. Moreover, you could use Bash to quickly create briefs and reports related to your video content.

If your video content involves multiple languages, Bash's multilingual support can be useful in drafting scripts and conducting research in various languages, potentially broadening your video's appeal.

Why should I use AI tools for marketing?

AI tools for marketing, like Bash, can greatly enhance productivity and efficiency. Marketers can analyze data, write compelling content, and share their work effectively with artificial intelligence.

AI for marketing through built-in templates and support for multiple languages impact of your efforts. Understanding things faster allows you can create new ad copies, blog posts, and reports within less time.

Why use Bash as an AI for marketing and not something else?

Bash works on the information you provide, including documents, webpages, and audio conversations. As a result, the marketing AI generates more accurate and trustworthy responses.

Bash also supports all major languages, making it suitable for global marketing campaigns and activities. For those who want to implement AI in content marketing, Bash offers over 50 templates for quick content drafting.
If you have any further questions reach out to our team