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Analyze, create, and share

Bash makes product marketing a breeze. Upload your sources and create new content within seconds.

Menu options for a source in Bash.

Work with audio content

Record and transcribe your content. Turn audio into blog posts, video scripts, social media posts, and more.

An audio recording in progress

Fine-tune where needed

Do exceptional work and focus on the details. Clarify and improve output with the AI-powered editor.

Your product localized

Create new content in 14 languages to make sure your product is easily accessible to users all across the world.

Language selector showing some of the supported languages in Bash

AI for product marketing: Content that resonates

Bash allows you to 10x your day-to-day product marketing work. Start for free.
Bash works with information from your documents, webpages, and audio conversations to provide more accurate responses.

Analyze, write, and share content more efficiently. The built-in AI editor enables teams to create new drafts for ad copies, blog posts, and reports within seconds.

Our AI for marketers supports all major languages and offers over 50 best-in-class templates for quick content creation.

This makes Bash a versatile and time-saving AI marketing tool. Bash works in all major languages so you can launch your efforts globally.

Want to do even more with Bash?
Get 20x more work done for only $9.99 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bash and how does it apply to product marketing?

Bash is an AI-powered work feed designed to streamline product and marketing workflows. It helps marketing professionals turn updates, insights, and conversations into actionable documents like go-to-market plans, creative briefs, and social media content.

How can Bash improve the productivity of a product marketing team?

Bash saves time by automating the organization and summarization of updates, files, and conversations into essential documents.

AI-powered insights and templates enable product marketing teams to quickly write new marketing proposals, content, and strategies, enabling teams to focus on tasks that make an impact.

What kind of templates does Bash offer for product marketing?

Bash offers over 80 built-in templates for various marketing documents, including action plans, creative briefs, go-to-market plans, social media posts, and more, all based on best practices and high-quality reference documents.

How does Bash's AI writer improve the content creation process?

Bash's AI writer uses uploaded sources, such as text files, URLs, or audio files, to generate new documents that are accurate and tailored to the specific channel and audience. This feature allows for efficient repurposing of content across different platforms.

Is Bash a suitable tool for teams beyond product marketing?

Yes, while marketing teams can benefit greatly from Bash's features, it is also utilized by HR, sales, and operations teams to accelerate their daily tasks using the knowledge management and AI writer capabilities.

Is there a free version of Bash for product marketing professionals to try?

Yes, Bash provides a freemium plan with 100 credits per month to experience its AI writer and other features. No credit card is required to start with this plan.

Credits are used for various activities on Bash, such as drafting new content, summarizing documents, or transcribing conversations. The number of credits needed varies based on the task complexity and content length. Bash offers a freemium plan with 100 monthly credits, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for additional credits.

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